I am looking for medium and Large storage Containers. Thank you
smaller the better. any condition. need for travel
I live in Barberton. I need large storage bins and laundry baskets. Thanks.
ISO, storage shelves, containers, anything to organize things, used refrigerator in decent condition. I don't mind a little bit of clean up if necessary. Willing to travel anywhere in Summit County for refrigerator, but for containers or shelves in the Akron and local areas, please. Thank you.
Hello, were in need of a tall dresser, desk w/ drawers and a full/queen size headboard. If the headboard is part of a full size platform bed, all the better. I appreciate any offers. Thanks!
Hello im looking for baby items,Im 6 months pregnant of a GIRL .Anything will be helpful willing to travel to pick up the items. My email address is kayleen26@icloud.com and phone number 939-266-8866
Hi, I'm doing a craft project, and looking for the long wooden slats that are in the sides of cribs. If you have an old crib that would go in the trash otherwise, I'd love to make use of it. Thank you for the consideration.
Looking for exercise bike yoga mat anything relating to fitness thanks for your time
ISO a small Christmas tree. Live in,Barberton.
Looking for lace up rain boots...womens size10 or mens size 8. Thx!
I am looking for house plants. Aloe, snake plant, lucky bamboo, money tree, these are just examples of what I am looking for. Thank you
I am looking to start a house plant collection. I am willing to take herbs and just about any healthy house plant anyone is looking forward to getting rid of as I have growing a liking to natural herbs and just a clear freshness it s helping me with my postpartum depression. Thanks in advance.
looking for a portable oxygen machine, so I can go to the store for groceries. Thank y ou
Looking for gently used car seat for 18-month-old.
would love some rose of sharon plants/shoots. Will dig up and remove it you have some to share? thank you!
Looking for a 16mm film projector in good order. Will pick-up.
I urgently need small computer speakers in working condition. I am reliable freecycler. Thanks for your help in advance
Looking for working vacuum cleaner. Thanks
Hello. If anyone has unwanted records / collections gathering dust in their home, attic or basement, I'm always looking to give them a good home. This music enthusiast is stuck in the past...what can I say? My personal interests are rock n roll, jazz, soul/R&B, blues, punk, heavy metal, funk, disco, latin, old country & western, and world music. Know that these are for my personal use and enjoy...
I need about a 4' square piece of chicken wire (enough to create a man-sized torso!). I doesn't need to be in great condition
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